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Hotels in the Middle East

It's hard to believe that the impressive capital city of the United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi - was once a small fishing village. The old fort, the Corniche and the magnificent Al-Hosn Palace are well worth visiting, and you'll find an abundance of Islamic art as you explore your surroundings.

At first glance, the famed city of Dubai is a modern centre of commerce and leisure; with world-class hotels, restaurants featuring every type of cuisine you can imagine and huge shopping malls with their annual festivals. Yet just below the surface beats Dubai's true heart, with its ancient mosques, haggler's paradise of the Gold Souk and the sight of ships unloading their exotic wares at Dubai Creek.

Fujairah, on the eastern coast, is full of historical treasures, including an old town and its 300-year-old fort. And north-west in Bithna you'll find the unforgettable Long Chambered Tomb.

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Tel Aviv Beach Front

Hotels in Tel Aviv

As a city still taking its baby steps, Israel's Tel Aviv knows better than to compete with three millennia of Jerusalem history - so it focuses on finance, business and enjoying itself!


Hotels in Jeddah

As the largest city in the Makkah Province - and the second largest city in Saudi Arabia - Jeddah has a number of exciting attributes to relay to its visitors.

Sphynx and Pyramid

Hotels in Egypt

Picture Egypt and you’ll probably think of the pharaohs and the last survivor of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World: the Pyramids. But there’s a lot more to this country, as you’ll discover if you take a desert trek or trip down the Nile.

Middle East

Hotels in Africa & Middle East

The Middle East has a wealth of exciting cities, untamed natural beauty and an appealing array of architecture and attractions. Little wonder it has become an increasingly popular location for a break.
Africa is a land of extremes, where ancient cultures mix with enthralling attractions.

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Hilton Dubai Creek hotel - Rooftop Swimming Pool

Hotels in Dubai

For a city adventure unlike any other, visit Dubai - a metropolis renowned for its traditional heritage, new age architecture and stunning natural setting. Visitors can choose from a wide array of activities and sights that are guaranteed to fulfill.

Makkah Hilton & Towers hotel - Hotel Exterior

Hotels in Makkah

Known as the holiest city in Islam, Makkah has much to offer its visitors. With attractions ranging from religious sites such as the Holy Haram Mosque, the Kaaba and Ghar Hira to magnificent leisure and entertainment opportunities.

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